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Outdoor Product Reviews & Ratings

Best Microfiber Beach Towels of 2017

Youphoria Sport Towel and Travel Towel Click on an image to see more details.  Our Top Pick ★★★★★ Top-selling, extremely absorbent micro-fiber beach towel. These micro-fiber beach towels can dry up to 10X faster than normal towels, and actually hold up to 4...

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Best Bike Tire Air Pump for 2017

Kitbest Mini Bicycle Pump Our Top Pick ★★★★★ Small and portable. Take it with you on a bike ride. Comes with accessories and priced very reasonably. There are a lot of different small bike pumps like this available. We chose this one as our bike pump choice for...

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How To Videos

How to fly fish. How to cast a fly fishing rod.

Learning the cast is the first step to fly fishing. It's not that hard! It will take a little while to get the technique down, but its nothing you can't handle! Take a look at this quick video that will get you started with fly fishing in no...

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How to Fix a Flat Tire on a Bike Yourself

Everyone that has a bike needs to know the best way to patch a flat tire. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it will. You will get a flat tire when you are as far as possible from where it is convenient. Anyone that rides bikes a lot has experienced this and is...

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How to Wax a Snowboard Yourself

Learning to tune and wax your own snowboard is part of being a real snowboarder. It's really not that hard to wax your own board. It will save you time and money to take care of this yourself, plus it is just something that you should know how to...

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How to do a Wheelie on a Mountain Bike (Video)

Doing a wheelie is kind of a right of passage for anyone that grew up riding bikes. There are a ton of cool videos out there with people riding wheelies on mountain bikes for what seems like an endless distance. Unfortunately we don't seem to posses that super power....

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How to Dive in to a Pool to Start a Race

Getting a good start off the diving board is extremely critical at the beginning of a race. As you will see in the video there are a few things you need to focus on before and during the dive. The placement of your feet and your stance on the diving board is critical....

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