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Best Electric Cooler 2017 | Electric Cooler Reviews | Outdoor Fun Stuff

 Our Top Pick ★★★★★

Electric cooler plugs into your car for power. Keep food and drinks cold without ice.

This is a really nice electric cooler, and it comes in two sizes. You can get a 26 or a 28 quart version. It can plug in to the 12-volt outlet in any car, so you can use it without the need for any ice.

It’s a simple, straight-forward design. Small enough to easily take with you. The power cord is 8′ long, so you have some flexibility as to where you put it while it’s still plugged in.

Keep an eye for deals on Amazon, sometimes the larger size sells for less than the smaller size. This cooler has a 4 star rating on Amazon with over 775 reviews.

For all of these reasons we have chosen this as our top pick for the best electric cooler to buy in 2017.

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Easy to transport, and can be used as a “cooler” with the lid on top, or tipped to be a mini-fridge with a door on the front.

The Koolatron 12-volt Kargo Kooler can hold up to 33 quarts. It has a cool split lid design, which makes it a great choice for long road trips. No ice, no mess and no more soggy sandwiches. Just plug your Kargo Kooler into any 12 volt vehicle plug for reliable cooling no matter where the road takes you. Plus, with the flip of a plug this Koolatron cooler can also be used as a warmer. The AC adapter, sold separately, allows you to use the Kargo Kooler wherever there is standard household outlet. It is ideal for long trips, big families and tailgate parties.

On Amazon the cooler has over 140 reviews and maintains a 4 star rating.

These are the reasons we chose this cooler as one of our top electric coolers to buy in 2017.

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The only cooler on our list available in two different colors.

We’re not sure how much the color matters when you are buying a cooler, but we thought it was funny when we realized this was the only one on that list that had more than one option. Other than than our odd fixation on the color choices, there are a few other features that got this cooler on to our list.

This is a great travel cooler. And of course it has the convenience of not needing to bring ice, you simply plug it into the 12v outlet in your car. You wont need to stop on your trip for a cold drink. The cooler goes to standard refrigerator temperature of 40F so your food will stay cold and won’t spoil. The cooler can fit a large 2 liter soda bottle and plenty of food with its 27 quart capacity. You can also with a flip of the switch use it to keep food hot. The plug is attached and goes into a compartment so the whole unit is one piece.

On Amazon this cooler has over 120 reviews and it sits at a 4 star rating.

For these reasons we have added this as one of our top picks for best electric cooler of 2017.