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Best Camping Chairs 2017 Reviewed | Outdoor Fun Stuff

We would seriously never go camping without bringing along a few folding chairs. Of course we’re all for roughing it on a long trek or a hike through the mountains, but for a relaxing camping trip we need some amenities. For our review today we’ve checked out a ton of different manufacturers to find the best camping chairs 2017.

Read on to see our top 3 choices for: Best camping chairs 2017.

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Our Top Pick ★★★★★

From Coleman, one of the leaders in camping gear, we love this camping chair for price and features.

Is a camping chair complete if it doesn’t have a built-in cooler that can hold up to four drinks? Some people may say yes, but our top pick for best camping chairs 2017 disagrees. They call this the Coleman oversized quad chair, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s a little bigger than a lot of camping chairs that you will see, and it has the attached cooler which is pretty nice. Of course the other armrest has a cup holder, which no camping chair would be complete without.

Let’s talk about the specs for a minute. The legs are made out of steel and it’s able to safely hold up to 325 lbs of weight. It folds up into a compact bundle, just as you would expect from a camping chair. The chair also has adjustable armrests, a nice feature you don’t always see in this category. The weight is a little over seven pounds, and the average price for this camping chair is about $25 US.

On just Amazon alone there are over 3,000 reviews with a 4.5 star rating.

For the price and the features this one made it to the top of our best camping chairs 2017 list. Buy one here.

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We love this camping chair because it’s super light! It only weighs 2 pounds!

The Moon Lence Ultralight camping chair made it on to our list for a few reasons. The biggest thing that sets it apart is the extremely light weight. This makes it very convenient to take along if you are doing some hiking or have a lot of things to drag out to a campsite with you.

The design is cool, making it stand out from some other camping chair styles and it is available in multiple color schemes.It has a great portable design. Both the mesh and the holders can be folded into small pieces.This portable chair is compact enough to put into your backpack or your carry-on luggage.

For comfort and lightweight, we put this on our list of best camping chairs 2017. You can buy one here.

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We always like to include a low-priced no frills option on our list, and this camping chair is the perfect one for that.

This is a really basic and low-priced camping chair. It’s very durable and a lot of people love the product. Priced around $15, it’s the lowest priced chair on our top 3 list of best camping chairs 2017. It is also the second Coleman chair to make it on to the list. They are a big company and their products are built well for the price.

The chair has a cup holder in one of the armrests, which is a pretty common feature. It can hold up to 250 lbs, and only weighs around 3 lbs. The chair folds up compactly for transporting and comes with a carrying bag.

For a cheap but reliable camping chair, we chose this for our list of best camping chairs 2017. You can buy one here.