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Best Bike Tire Air Pump for 2017 | Outdoor Fun Stuff

Kitbest Mini Bicycle Pump

Our Top Pick ★★★★★

Small and portable. Take it with you on a bike ride. Comes with accessories and priced very reasonably.

There are a lot of different small bike pumps like this available. We chose this one as our bike pump choice for 2017 for a few reasons. First of all, the price is incredibly reasonable. Second, it comes with some accessories including a patch kit and an air needle to inflate sports balls. Most others in this price range do not include any extras.

Also the rating and reviews on Amazon are good showing that this air pump is reliable and works well. It’s rated at a solid 4 stars with over 180 people giving it a rating. If you are looking for a very small bike air pump that you can easily take with you on a bike ride, this is our top pick for 2017.

Vibrelli High Performance Floor Pump

Top rated floor pump on Amazon. Comes with Accessories. Pressure up to 160PSI.

If you are looking for a larger air pump that can fill tires with a higher amount of pressure, then this is for you. This is a floor pump, which of course is not as portable as our top pick, but is great for use at home. It has a lot of features that you don’t get on the smaller pumps. Higher PSI, quick change from Presta valve pump to Schrader valves, and an air-pressure gauge.

The price on this one is somewhere in the middle, but we chose it for our list because it works great, and it is really high-quality. It has over 1,300 ratings on Amazon alone and is at 4.5 stars. There are also a ton of reviews recommending it, and we agree. If you are looking to buy a floor pump for bike tires, this is our recommendation for 2017.

CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool

Fast and portable, with no “hand pumping” needed.

Technically it’s not exactly a “pump” but we decided it fits in this category anyway because the outcome is the same. It inflates bike tires. This is pretty cool actually. It’s a valve that hooks on to a CO2 cartridge and can be used to fill up your bike tires. It works on Presta and Schreter valves. It’s just a cool little product. Very easy to take with you on a bike ride, fast and easy to use. This is our alternate choice for a portable bike tire pump for 2017. And it also important to add that with over 500 ratings on amazon, it still maintains a 5 star rating. Very impressive!