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Best Beginner Stunt Kites in 2017 | Outdoor Fun Stuff

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Our Top Pick ★★★★★

Inexpensive but great quality, plus easy for a beginner to learn on.

Imagine for a minute a nice sunny summer day hanging out at the beach. As a steady breeze blows across the sand you look toward the sky. Gracefully moving from left to right, up and downs, and swirling around and round are brightly colored parafoil kites dotting the sky as far as you can see. It’s a beautiful image, and one that we love to see we when hang out at the beach.

So our top pick for this category is a beautiful, but easy to fly stunt kite. It is of the parafoil variety, and has two lines to control it. It’s very easy for beginners to learn, and it won’t break if you crash it. You pull on the left line and the kite will turn left, and the right line will cause it to rotate right. You can fly straight up, or spin it around and fly straight at the ground. You can even do loops with it.

Plus this kite is huge! It’s over 5 feet wide. That makes it even more fun to fly, and for everyone else to watch.

These kites are a lot of fun. This kite, by In The Breeze is a great choice to start out with, and even experienced flyers will have fun with it. It is at an entry-level price point, so it won’t break the bank. Plus it comes all in one piece, so there is no assembly required.

This kite has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon with over 175 reviews, so don’t just take our word for it. Go fly a kite!

We think you’ll agree with our reasons to choose this as the top beginner stunt kite to buy in 2017. You can buy one here.

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Great for both beginners and advanced flyers.

Our second choice is the prism snapshot, which once again is a parafoil type of design, and has two lines. This one is set at a slightly higher price-point, and has a little more speed in the air. It’s 4 feet wide, so it’s still a large kite. It comes with everything that you need to start flying it right out of the package.

This kite can pack into the small included pouch and easily be taken anywhere with you. When it’s packed up it’s so small and light you’ll barely notice you have it with you.

With around 200 reviews on Amazon, this bad boy has a respectable 4.5 star rating. We are fans of this great looking, big and beautiful kite.

We want to see more of these out on the beach. For this reason, and everything else we just mentioned, we have included this as a top pick for one of the best beginner stunt kites to buy in 2017. You can get one here.

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Fast and fun 2 line stunt kite for beginner and intermediate flyers.


This is the first sold-wing kite to make our beginner stunt kite list. This zippy little kite is super-durable with carbon fiber framing and nylon material. It can fly in winds as little as 5mph and handle wind speeds all the way up to 25mph.

“The Jazz is the perfect intro to the addictive sport of dual line kiting. Simple, rugged and affordable, the Jazz outperforms every entry level kite in its class and flies with the ease and control of a larger kite. It’s a zippy little wing that packs up small, so take it everywhere.”

This is a fun little kite and desrves it’s spot on our list of best beginer stunt kites of 2017. You can buy one here.