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Beginner Slackline Tutorial | Learning How to Slackline | Outdoor Fun Stuff

Slacklining is a sport that is quickly growing in popularity, so we thought you would like this beginner slackline tutorial.┬áThe sport of slacklinging involves stretching a rope between to objects, for example two trees, and then balancing on the line. Basically like high-wire walking but the rope is typically made of a high-strength nylon. As the sport progresses it gets more extreme and people keep trying crazier things. There are a ton of videos of people slacklining over huge ravines, cliff and mountains. I’m pretty sure that no matter how strong both ends of the line are attached, and how well I am secured to the line, you’ll never catch me trying this up high like that!

For those of you that want to learn, you can pick up a slackline kit without spending a lot of money, and even get started in your backyard if you have a couple of trees to attach it to.

Take a look at this beginner slackline tutorial put together by Mark Sisson.

Beginner Slackline Tutorial. Video Description:

Tips on how to slackline from Mark Sisson.

We hope you enjoyed this beginner slackline tutorial and that it will spark an interest in the sport for you. Slackling is a great sport to increase your balance, endurance, and core strength. To truly become good at slacklining takes a lot of practice! Bit by bit you will feel your ability to balance increasing, which after some time will enable you to try all kinds of new tricks and techniques. Be sure to help spread the sport by posting about it on Facebook. We thing that slackling is something that should be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Next time you are heading out to a park for a family reunion, graduation party or any other kind of gathering, bring your slackline kit with you. IT’s sure to be a huge hit for the children and the adults.

As usual we encourage you to get outside and stay active as much as possible! Enjoy your new slackline skills!